Weekend update

Matt also had to work this weekend and Simon was gone, so Bennett and I got plenty of alone time in. What did we do?

Well he tried on some new clothes and old baby legs:

And we did diaper laundry of course:

And then we folded said diapers off line:

And then we messed around with the camera:

And we saw the most beautiful rainbow after all the rain:

Overall it was a pretty good weekend, despite all the rain. It was nice and quiet until Simon’s return of course. He spent the weekend with Grandpa and Grandma Pool in Wichita. He had a great time and spent most of his time tormenting the dog Itty. On Saturday, they went to the State fair in Hutchison. Simon (and Grandpa) were pleased with the large sack of goodies (aka JUNK) from the fair while I was not. Simon now has enough pencils, coloring sheets, fans, toothpick holders, finger nail files, crayons, suckers, and magnets to last him an entire year.

I missed him and I’m glad he’s back. He insisted that he didn’t miss me at all, of course. He just finished his bath and is ready for bed. Time for another work week to begin. Yuck.

Simon’s return:

Simon in his car seat, happily showing off his K-state and Ku tattoos.

Getting some goodbye love from Grandma.

One last group photo.


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