The nursling is sleeping and the wild one is at school. It’s cool, peaceful, and quiet in my house. Diapers are done and drying. Chicken is cooked and ready to be put in for dinner and life is good.

Matt is sleeping as well. He got his schedule changed for the rest of the week though. He’s on 3rd shift tonight, 6:00-2:30am Thursday, 1:00-5:00pm and then 10:30-3:30 am on Friday. It’s a crazy but means he gets to sleep. Not plenty of sleep, but still sleep.

In other news, part of my job requires that I help support some kiddos out in different community preschools (day-cares). Doing this has reconfirmed that I will never, ever put my kids in daycare.  I don’t care if we never buy a house or are poor forever. I am happily reminded that while I dislike my job and my husband is habitually tired at least my kids are safe, happy and well-taken care of by US and not strangers with little education. 


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