Shout out to my BFF- warning TMI ahead

Here’s to you, this one’s for you, Jennifer!

So, as you all are learning, my family and I are pretty green. Next to cloth diapering, the Diva Cup, is the next crunchiest thing I do. It’s seriously the BEST thing ever.

Now brace yourselves for some TMI:

You know that nasty, rotch crotch smell? GONE!
Stained panties? GONE!
Leaking tampon leaving you running to the bathroom? NOT ANY MORE!
Paying 7.00 a month for tampons? NO THANK YOU!

Okay, that’s probably enough. If you have questions, just ask. For the record, I don’t stick my fingers up my snatch. Also, I am not afraid to look at a little blood and trust me- it’s not any worse than the nasty, brown, smelly tampon that comes out.

And since you probably don’t want a visual, I’ll leave you with my favorite crunchy thing: Bennett sporting his wool shorties, Harley tshirt and Robeez.



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