We didn’t win…

…a new Vespa that is. Our good friend Jeremy is the Director of Habitat for Humanity here in Lawrence. Tonight was their volunteer appreciation dinner, board meeting, and drawing for a brand new Vespa. Matt desperately wanted to win, but unfortunately our name was not drawn. It was close though, the announcer was nervous and called out “MaMaMaggie.” My heart actually skipped a beat thinking he was going to call out Matt. What’s sad is that Matt was seriously hoping he would win and was clearly disappointed when he didn’t. He had these special magical thoughts in his head about selling one of our cars, paying off more debt and saving money each month on gas. Did I mention how much I love this man?

I do, more than words can express. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes he drives me nuts but more often than not I love him. Anyways, back on topic. The food was really good tonight (and free!) Vegetarian Lasagna, BBQ sandwiches, baked beans, potato salad, tons of awesome fruit, and peach cobbler w/ ice cream. My kids ate like they were starving. I also entered a few silent auctions. I’m hoping that I might win some and then have a couple Christmas presents out of the way.

The boys are down, I’m done with the computer, and now I’m off to finish packing for the weekend. We’re off to the Bend for a fun (I hope) and relaxing (yeah right) weekend with my family. Matt’s coming along (yah) and I took Monday off (2x yah).



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