I should be in bed

It was a pretty good day today and I want to document two things for my boys.

1.) Simon’s teacher told me that “Simon is never wild and makes good choices.” This is huge! So huge that we went straight to Dairy Queen for cookie dough blizzards. I frequently worry about Simon and his wild behavior. He tends to have tons of energy. Things like bouncing off the wall, screaming and yelling for joy, etc. I tell myself that he’s just a very happy child and can’t help it. Anyways, I am so proud of him for making good choices and being a true leader. This is his first time EVER to be away from me. During his previous years of preschool, I was always present in another classroom. I ate lunch with him, watched him at recess, tied his shoes in the hallway, and had him in my own classroom. My wild, rambunctious, loving life little boy who spends hours building, creating, riding, and teasing his brother is growing up. Growing up too fast.

2.) Bennett learned how to blow kisses and give kisses. He makes the cutest little smack with his mouth and giggles while throwing his arms up. I have no idea when Simon learned how to do this trick and that makes me sad. I’m going to try and get some video.

Lastly, today on Oprah, she was talking about overwhelmed mothers. The main storyline was about a mother who left her baby in the car to die. She was so overwhelmed that she forgot her baby. I can honestly say that most often I am not overwhelmed. Mostly because Matt is so awesome and helps with so much. However, I do have some random fears. One is that I am going to forget Bennett. Like accidentally leave him in the cart at Target. I am also afraid that my house is going to catch on fire while I’m sleeping and I won’t be able to find my boys. (This is the true reason we co-sleep). So I pray daily that God will calm my fears, protect my boys, and keep us safe. I have a little mirror in the car so I can always keep my eyes on Bennett too, just in case I forget. Some days I feel part-crazy. Thank goodness I have a therapist.

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