The KC Ren Fest

Woot woot! We just got back from the Renaissance Festival. It was slightly weird (okay- a lot weird) but still lots of fun. Who doesn’t love a little jousting and sword fighting? The weather was beautiful- not hot and not cold, but a perfect fall day. We managed to get free tickets through my sister, so we headed up for all the fun. We only spent $20.00 the whole day which proves that you can be thrifty and still have fun.

Simon immediately wanted his face painted.

Next, we worked on target practice. Fortunately Simon is great with the bow and arrow (thanks Grandpa) and consequently had no interest in shooting Bob and insisted on shooting the “green gargoyle.”

Off to watch Robin Hood and Maid Marian. Luckily my sister works with Maid Marian at the pharmacy, and so we really owe her for the tickets.

Pausing for a group picture.

Sweet baby spent most of the day in the Mei Tie. He was happy to go along for the ride.

Simon making a magic wand. My little literal Simon did not understand (and was seriously afraid) that we would use the wand to turn him into a frog.

Of course the day wouldn’t be complete without a huge turkey leg.

Followed up with a funnel cake.

Thanks Aunt Liza for the free tickets!

It was a great day and the boys were so incredibly dirty after the long day. We saw a lot of strange characters but only hope it broadens the horizons of our boys. I told Matt I wouldn’t mind seeing him in some tights someday.


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