Bennett’s 14th month

Bennett is now using the signs for “more” and “milk.” I am excited that he is using these to communicate. I fully believe in auditory/oral deaf education, but do think that signing has a place in this world too.

We just began working on the sign “eat.” I think we are going to add in “thank you,” “all done,” and “please.”

Signing for “more”

Signing for “milk”

Some other developmental milestones include:
*Sleeping from 8:00-8:00ish, except for milk around 4:00/5:00 am.
-This all depends on what time he goes down. Sometimes I get him up and nurse before I leave at 7:30 in the morning. He’ll sleep until 9:30 if I do.
*Taking 2 naps a day still (unless he gets up late in the morning)
-Zero issues with this. He takes his binky, 2 lovely blankets, sticks his bum up in the air and goes to sleep. If only night time sleeping was so easy.
*Increased receptive language including
-Go get in your highchair
-Where’s Simon?
*Prefers me over Matt (although he loves his Daddy too)
*Likes to wrestle with Simon, play with Simon’s toys, and bother Simon in general
*Much better at sitting and listening to stories being read
*Still not eating great- but loves candy corn


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