Gram is Coming!

We needed a babysitter for tonight, so last night I called my Mom and whined. We had other arrangements already planned (thanks Tara) but nobody cares about my kids like Grandma. So, she agreed to come for the weekend and keep the boys tonight. I made her promise not to bring any scissors though. We asked Matt’s parents to come, but they had to “work.”

Simon’s pumpkin patch trip was canceled and so now I am off to clean for Gram. There’s clean enough for us and then there is clean for Gram- two different things. Bennett’s is supposed to be napping but I can hear him talking in his crib. I just changed his sheet and decided to take off the bummer pad. Another way that my baby is growing up. He kept stepping on it and so it on longer looked very nice. Here’s what his room looked like just a few minutes ago:

I’m hoping to get his walls painted soon. I also have curtains that I have never bothered to hang. Maybe Grandma will help with this task.

We are going to head to the Maple Leaf Festival tomorrow, so anticipate pictures. Until then, here is B and Gram from this summer. I love the watermelon color.

And cause I feel like Simon doesn’t get as much blog love:

Simon LAST October at the pumpkin patch. Some days I hate the passing of time.


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