October 19th

The weekend is over and I’m spent. Friday night, Gram came over and babysat while Matty and I went out to the Plaza for a wedding. Let’s be honest, I was disappointed as there was no open bar. We didn’t want to pay $4.00 a drink (hello- we are cheap!) We had fun though and the bride looked beautiful! Matt was excited because the dinner was catered by Oklahoma Joes. I could have cared less. Anyways, the boys did awesome with my Mom. I was super worried about leaving Bennett. Since his birth, I have been away twice for our bedtime routine. The 1st being a night out with the girls and Matt just gave him a bottle of pumped milk. She simply rocked him to sleep and didn’t make him Cry It Out. I feel like I’m ready for an entire night away soon. Perhaps that would solve our night-time nursing issues. Nevermind, another post for another day. Here’s Matt and I coming home from the party:

Cause the first pic makes me look like I’m all teeth.

On Saturday, Mom and I went shopping. I want this chandelier for my dining room. Wouldn’t that look nice? We also walked up and down Mass, enjoying the beautiful weather. Look how big my Simon looks before we left.

Isn’t Bennett’s shirt awesome? It’s a For Crying Out Loud T-shirt.. You can find lots of cute, attachment parenting stuff. And did I mention it’s home-made? I’d love to get this one: Stick Around. If only I had endless amounts of cash…

On Sunday, we hit up the Maple Leaf Festival. Again, I was a little disappointed. I guess it comes down to the fact that I’m not really into crafty stuff. I don’t really want wooden cut letters of my kids’ names or Halloween flags or watercolor pictures of horses. Simon enjoyed the petting zoo and we let him ride 1 ride (for a whooping 2 bucks- hello we are cheap!)

Bennett enjoyed the ride.

Bennett’s snacking on some string cheese and club crackers right now. Poor baby is off his schedule and just woke up from a nap. He’s had a bath, clean diaper, fresh jammies but is not in any way ready for bed. I’m hoping that he retires soon as Matt and I have a movie to watch.


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