For the love of Puppy

Simon and I discussed puppy today. It seems that his attachment to his beloved puppy has grown stronger lately. Every time I turn around, puppy is present. In the bed- check. On the couch watching cartoons- check. In the van- check. On the floor while building legos- check.

I jokingly asked Simon if he was ready to retire puppy to a memory box in exchange for whatever toy he wanted. After much discussion, Simon refused even after we talked about a DS or Playstation. It’s funny how much he loves his puppy and I’m really okay with that, if only he wouldn’t put him in his mouth. I’m never in a hurry for my boys to grow up. Besides, how many kids take their loveys to college? 

Doing what he does best, sniffing his tail:

Simon and puppy- almost 2:

Simon 15 months:

Simon on his 4th birthday:

Just this past September:

We love you puppy. You are welcome in our house, as long as Simon needs. His attachment is strong and I won’t push my baby to grow up any faster than necessary.


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