Work update

Only three more days at my job. Three. More. Days. I can hardly wait to be finished. I also had an interview today for substituting. I am frustrated that the district is sooo slow. I am already an employee of the district, I have all the education/certification, and I just want some resolution. The interview went fine of course, but I have to wait for a call back. After I get a call back I then have to attend training, new hire orientation, and then I’m eligible to sub.

If everything works out like I’ve planned, I will only have to work 6 full days a month. I can make the same amount working 6 full days vs. 20 1/2 days. Crazy, huh? Prince Charming informed me that I could work more but he’s silly like that. Me, work more? Right….

Of course, I might go back part-time to St. Joseph in December. Oh how I miss my old kiddos.

Okay, I’m heading off to finish Icy Sparks. I found this at the Library and it’s a pretty good read. I’m almost finished!


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