Silly Simon

Simon insisted that we make a sign today for his bedroom door. The wording?

"Carley and Simon only.
Bennett NOT employed

I laughed at this and the joys of having a younger brother. A brother who always knocks over your creations, who always puts your legos in his mouth, and always destroys your papers left on the floor. But also a brother that laughs whenever you speak and runs to greet you.

As a special treat, we have been allowing Simon to play on the computer. He enjoys his daily computer fix. I have no idea where he gets that from!

So, anyways, it was a long day– filled with laundry, grocery shopping, and playing outside. I LOVE the warm weather and managed to dry 4 loads outside. Oh how I despise cold weather and the thought of using my dryer. I’m also sad about having to take down my Halloween decorations. I’ll keep them up until tomorrow (or maybe Monday) and then store them away for another year.

Matt went to the KU football game and then tried to work on the van. We think that the power steering pump is going out. We put money in our budget to repair it but Prince Charming thinks he can do it himself. I started reading the instruction manual and literally flipped out. The project is now on hold (Thank goodness) but I am annoyed by the humming sound.


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