Not Me Monday!

It’s Monday again which means another fun round of Not Me Monday!I was worried that we wouldn’t get to play because of McKmama’s special new baby, but as luck would have it- we do.

did not think all week about what I would add on my 2nd round of Not Me Monday. I have a life and I don’t spend my time thinking about what I am going to blog about. 

I did not enjoy a long conversation with my old friend Kristi this week. I don’t even like that girl, let alone want to have an entire conversation with her. And while I was chatting with her, I did not count the employees putting out Christmas decorations at Target. My life (and all subsequent conversations) are way more exciting than that.

I did not use Candy Corn to encourage Bennett to sign more and please. I never give my children candy especially to reinforce sign language. I don’t even like candy.  Also, as an Auditory-Oral Deaf education teacher, I do not support the use of Sign Language in infants. Clearly all babies are meant to listen and speak.

And speaking of candy, Simon did not wake me up on Saturday and tell me that he was tired of eating candy for breakfast. He did not ask me to get out of bed and make him food. 1st of all, I’m always up and awake before my children. Secondly, I always have a warm and hearty breakfast waiting for them. He wasn’t watching cartoons unsupervised, either.

Tara and I did not take over 100 pictures of our beautiful children on Sunday. Hello, remember that I have more important things to talk about!!

Lastly, I am so NOT voting for Obama tomorrow. I am not excited about this election and for the promise that tomorrow holds.

Nope, Not me! I didn’t do any of the previous things. What about you? Anything that you did not do?


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