A victory

"Rosa sat so that Martin could walk, Martin walked so that Obama could run, Obama ran so that our children can fly."

I found this quote and while I do not know the original writer (I think it was Jay-Z), I think it’s beautiful. I would like to add that I am a Christian with high morals and values. I accepted Christ as my Savior 10 years ago. Regardless, I think that our country is ready for a change- one where we have equal freedoms and we are allowed to make our own choices. I’m sure that nobody cares why I voted this way, but my kids might and this blog is really for them anyway.

Take for example ‘Prop 8’ in California. Voting yes= banning gay marriage and voting No= keeping gay marriage legal. I would have absolutely voted NO. However I don’t live in California and didn’t have a say. The majority spoke and banned gay marriage. I am heartbroken that we are allowing discrimination to still exist.

I am Pro-choice as well. I find it utterly disgusting that so many people are so quick to judge on this issue. You will never know the struggles of others until you walk in their shoes. You have no idea how strongly and passionately I feel about this topic. I am not Pro-abortion however.

This won’t make me popular with other Christians. I don’t care. I want my children to grow up in a world where hatred is not tolerated. Which brings me to church. We recently began church shopping and it’s such a difficult aspect. I really want to find a church where we can have friends. I want to relate to others who share my beliefs. I want great music. I want to be involved in our community. I want Bible based lessons for our kids. I want to grow spiritually. I want my husband to grow. Anybody have any good suggestions for a church in Lawrence?

Okay, enough politics and religion talk for one day. I’m not out to change anyone’s mind, nor start a debate. I blog mostly for kids and I believe these things to be important. Besides, you all knew that I was a liberal, cloth diapering, extended breastfeeding, non-vaccinating, Dr. Pepper drinking, educated, insert own label here hippy, right?


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