Not Me Monday!

Seriously, another Monday? Cause you know what that means! Head on over to McKmama’s blog if you want to play. It is totally fun.

Anyways, here are all the things that I did not do. Not me, no way. These things either didn’t happen or I didn’t do them.

I did not work all day today and feel utterly exhausted. I did not want to lose my patience with 16 kindergarten-ers. I did not ask myself why I ever agreed to be a substitute. I did not question my decision to leave St. Joseph.

I did not laugh hysterically with Jennifer when I hear her screaming to "put that down right now Coco. Right now!" What does she have I ask? I (seriously) did not get it when she spells out C-O-C-K ring. I am seriously not slow to realize what Coco is playing with. I’m not thinking what’s a Coke ring and what’s the big deal? And then (after Jennifer spells C-O-C-K three more times) I did not almost DIE from laughing. I am not still laughing when I think about it. And just for the record, my friend insists that it’s never been used. I am not sure I believe her.

I am not 2nd guessing myself for blogging about cock rings. Heck, it is my blog, right?

I did not sit on my behind butt and watch Indian Jones last night with Simon. First of all, that movie would not be appropriate for a 5 year old. Secondly, while I was watching, I was not ignoring Bennett. In fact, I was doing such a great job of watching the movie and Bennett that this did not happen:

That’s not a black eye. Nope, not at all.
Lastly, I did not dig out my old school Gameboy for Simon. I do not keep grabbing it from him and declaring ‘my turn!’ I do not totally still rule at Mario Brothers.

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