Ok, fine I’ll play along too.

So my friends Jana and DeAnna are playing a little picture game. Go to your pictures, fourth folder, fourth picture. Tell us about it.

Fourth folder- baby sono pictures
Fourth picture- Sweet baby Bennett, around 20 weeks. I edited off all the private information. Wasn’t he precious?

And cause, I am an overachiever- the fourteenth photo. My belly around 24 weeks. Don’t you miss the happy parts of pregnancy? I miss the anticipation of expecting a baby. Is there anything more joyous and exciting and fun?


I’m thinking about buying a camera for Christmas. Can you all tell me what camera you shoot with? I really want a digital camera that I can manually focus. I don’t need anything super fancy or complicated. Please, please leave me a comment and let me know what you use. Thanks!


A great, relaxing weekend. Prince Charming didn’t work so we were all together. We did a little Christmas preview shopping and bought some new clothes for family pictures this week. Can you believe it’s almost Christmas? Family pictures are on Tuesday. I’ll be sure to post a preview. Bonus points- if you leave me a comment about what camera to buy, I’ll send you a Christmas card.


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