10 Things Tuesday

After my post, "Attitude of Gratitude," I started thinking that maybe it would be helpful to keep a daily/weekly list of things that I am grateful for. Or 10 things that make me happy. Or 10 things that I am loving right now. Or 10 reasons why I am so blessed.


1. A very, very excited little boy who can’t wait to get to Grandma’s house tomorrow. His excitement makes me excited.

2. The thought of a yummy Thanksgiving meal at my parents home and being surrounded by lots of family, aunts, uncles, cousins and my Grandma. No sisters though, which makes me sad.

3. Fluffy mail on it’s way.

4. French toast for dinner last night and tonight. Prepared mostly by Prince Charming.

5. A completely silent house as all my boys are sleeping and the TV is off. Wait, it’s silent except for the laundry room. I’m grateful that I have a washing machine to wash our dirty clothes and beautiful diapers.

6. Did I mention diapers? I’m thankful that I don’t have to put B. in a paper diaper. That my trash never smells, that the Lawrence landfill isn’t being filled with my kid’s poo, that he has the cutest booty ever. That I have turned something most people hate into a hobby.

7. Matt having Wednesday-Monday off. No detention center, no paper delivering, no football games. Just family time, together, with everyone.

8. A husband who works so hard to care for my family. He slept a total of 4 hours today (not including right now). He drove us to the City, cleaned out my old classroom, loaded up the van, smiled for pictures, let me wander around Pottery Barn, went back and picked up the pictures, drove home, made dinner, cleaned up most of dinner, and is now sleeping. He has to be back at work in 2 hours and work all night.

9. Hearing my old students listen and speak today. Pretty impressive as all are Profoundly deaf.

10. Friends that are reading my blog and that care about what I have to say. I hope that you are able to experience unimaginable joy throughout your days as well. I pray that you are able to stop and think about all the ways in which you are blessed– and not just today, but everyday.

Happy Thanksgiving to you.

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