10 Things Tuesday

Ugh, I am not feeling well and I’m not in a particularly good mood. Sounds like a good time to think of 10 things. How about 10 things that are bothering me right now?

1. I have a headache.
2. I am too lazy to dig around and find some Tylenol.
3. My kitchen is a disaster. I never picked up breakfast dishes and now it’s time for lunch.
4. There is nothing to eat for lunch.
5. Lizzy ran off this morning.
6. The garage is a MESS- full of decorations, school supplies, and stuff that needs recycling.
7. Simon woke up at 6:00 this morning coughing. He did not go back to sleep.
8. My hair needs washing, which means blow drying and I’m just not up for that today.
9. Matt is sleeping. I wish I was still sleeping.
10. My mood did not improve at all after this post. In fact, I’m feeling worse.


1. I have the medicine to improve my headache.
2. I am super organized. The Tylenol is in the closet, 3rd shelf.
3. I have a kitchen to clean, hot running water. A dishwasher to do the work even.
4. I could make a box of Mac and Cheese, Chicken nuggets, or apples and some canned vegetables.
5. Lizzy came back on her own.
6. The garage is an example of our over-abundance. We have plenty and should not want for more.
7. Simon could have gotten up at 5. Or he could have bugged me instead of curling up and watching cartoons.
8. I can always wear a hat.
9. Matt is sleeping because he worked all night long, while I was sleeping.
10. My mood isn’t any better. Who wants some Mac and Cheese?


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