O’ Christmas Tree


 We went on a hunt to find the perfect Christmas tree. Not an easy task when there are 100’s of trees.


Matt burned his tongue on the Apple Cider.              

Bennett is still riding rear-facing. He was coold.

So then we came home and said Goodbye to fall! Now, I need to take some more Christmas pictures. We completely rearranged the furniture in order to make the Christmas tree fit. I was sad to put away my fall decorations: I love, love, love fall colors.

I am feeling better today. I completely cleaned the kitchen, vaccumed the needles up, and finished decorating last night. Matt organized the garage too and we went grocery shopping together. I just finished a nice, long bath and now I need to blow dry my wet hair. Bennett is napping- woohoo! Tonight we are going to the KU Basketball game- FOR FREE! Matt’s old boss called and has tickets. I wish we had a babysitter though because the game starts at 7:00 and the kids go to bed around 8:00. Anybody want to come over and babysit? 



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