Not Me Monday!

 Come on, you know that you want to play. Head on over to McKmama’s and read the rules first.
It’s a little dose of reality in our home and worth noting that we aren’t perfect. I haven’t figured everything (although I don’t really like to admit that!)

I did not send the following text to Matt on Sunday: "Debt free my butt. Boys and I are going out to eat. That or I lock them in the closet." Nope, not me. I would never, ever text something like that about my darling children.

I did not feed Bennett French Fries, Ice Cream and Powerade for dinner last night from McDonald’s. Only well-balanced meals served here.

The TV did not stay on all. day. long. in our home on Sunday. We did not watch 3 Harry Potter Movies in a row. We don’t even own a TV, let alone keep it on all day.

Simon did not try and hang like Superman in his closet this week. This did not lead to the entire bar of clothes falling to the floor. He did not try and fix it without me finding out. He does not have a HUGE bruise from falling. I did not worry that somebody would turn us into Child Welfare after seeing his bruise.

I do not secretly look forward to teaching on Mondays. My only full day of work without my children. I’ve always wanted to be SAHM, so why on Earth would I look forward to being away from my children? Nope, not me!

I did not go to a baby shower this week and have a kicking good time. I did not sit with my old ex-church friends and gossip about others not at our table visit. We did not laugh and giggle about Harry Dickson the 3rd. We didn’t talk about who might have gotten a boob-job. Lastly, we definitely did not talk about anybody looking bigger or skinnier.

However, I am sooo happy for my dear friend Michele. She is finally getting her baby from Ethopia. Baby Ethan goes to court tomorrow (Tuesday) and needs your prayers. Please pray that court goes smoothly and that his birth mother shows up. Pray for peace and healing for Baby Ethan’s birth mom. Pray for the judge and his decision. Pray that all the paperwork is sufficient. Pray that Ethan is being well-cared for and has bonded in the orphanage. Pray for Michele and that her spirit would be calm, that she would feel the peace that only comes from Above. We can’t wait to meet Ethan!!

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