Playing catch up with Pictures

Simon is at school (taken there by Matt), Bennett is sleeping, and I’m getting my computer fix in. We have all be slightly sick this week, with me bearing the brunt of it. I think I have a sinus infection which means lots of nose blowing and aching teeth. The weather was nasty and cold yesterday (and on top of being sick) means that I haven’t left the house since Monday.

Bennett hasn’t been in that great of a mood either. He’s teething and so I broke out the amber necklace and that seemed to help. Can you see the teeth causing all the trouble? I’m a little concerned: the teeth coming in have a big space to fill. I guess it’s better to have too much room, then not enough. Right, Tara?

Here is Simon acting like Bennett. Pretty good, huh? I should switch these pictures around. Bennett is actually laughing at Simon.

Let’ see. We’ve also been busy playing in the house. Or better yet, the boys play while I sleep on Simon’s bed. I break up the fights and calm the tears and then everybody is happy again.
It’s always best to play in your underwear as well. 

I also finished my Christmas decorating and we watched it snow. It’s been way too cold to go outside.Lucky for us, we have had the fireplace going almost non-stop. I’m slightly worried that our gas bill is going to be higher this month. It’s just so nice to sit next to the fireplace and be warm though.

Bennett’s thighs are too fat for his babylegs.

I haven’t done a single bit of Christmas shopping or baking yet. We planned to go shopping on Tuesday but didn’t make it. I’m thinking maybe this weekend if we can find somebody to watch the boys. I also have 6 dozen cookies that need to be made for Simon’s Bake sale. I probably should be get started making the dough while I have some peace and quiet.


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