Not Me Monday!


Anybody feel like getting honesty with me today? I did not, under any circumstances, do any of the following things this week. Nope, not me! The following things most certainly did not happen in my home, or with my children!

1. I did not skip church last night because it was a.) too cold and b.) because I wasn’t feeling up to some baby wrangling, chasing and whining. I did not spend the evening blogging while Matt and Simon braved the cold and Bennett slept. Nope, not me!

2.) I most certainly did not catch Bennett standing on the toilet EATING toothpaste today. First of all, my baby is not growing so quickly that he has mastered scaling the toilet (and bed and couch). Secondly, toothpasteAre you kidding me?

Don’t mind the green, runny nose.

3.) Since we are being honest, I might as well admit that Bennett does not like toothpaste A LOT. Incidentally he might not like it because I might not occasionally put a dab of toothpaste on his toothbrush and then walk away. And because I am Super-Mom, said toothpaste is of course the super-expensive-only-for-babies-does-not-contain-flouride kind. (Or not)

This is not a random example of Bennett playing with his toothbrush.
4.) Lastly, our Christmas cards not sitting in my laundry room and waiting patiently to be finished and put in the mail. In fact, they have not been sitting there for almost TWO weeks. These Christmas cards were not a joy to make and a wonderful bonding teaching experience for Simon. I did not hear him say, "Mom, I don’t want to paint, color, or write my name any more! I want to be all done Mom!"

The date on this picture? December 3rd.
Today’s date? December 15th. Still need addressed, stamped, and delivered.


Happy Not-Meing! Be on the look out for a card from us, if I ever find the motivation to finish them! And pray for a snowstorm, it’s supposed to snow between 1-4 inches here. I’m subbing tomorrow afternoon in my good friend’s classroom (unless it snows and school is canceled!)


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