Guess what we did?

We finally did it: we cut the back of Bennett’s hair tonight. I was ready, but Matt was not. Matt liked the hippy look. Bennett’s hair was really, really long and I had had enough of him being confused for a girl. I love his baby curls but they are safely tucked inside his baby book now. Everything went okay, until Matt accidentally nipped the back of his neck. I was also thinking of keeping it a little longer, but Bennett moved quickly. I’m not too worried- hair grows quickly.

Another milestone has come and gone though and that makes me terribly sad. I was just thinking today about how he’s getting really close to 18 months. In my  mind, 18 months kinda becomes the end of babyhood because you stop counting months after that. I mean, how old is 21 months? It just becomes easier to say, "He’s almost 2." And just for the record, I don’t want a 2 year old. I want my sweet, little, nursling back. It’s like when they are a newborns and you switch from weeks to months (example: 8 weeks vs. 2 months).

Alright, ready for the before, during and after pictures? 
We tried sitting him on a chair in the bathtub. He thought it was fun, for about 15 seconds.

Moved onto my lap while Matty cuts.

Now it’s my turn with the scissors, trying to even up the back a little.
Good thing he has his toothbrush to keep him occupied!

What I really want is this baby back:

It’s not fair. Where did the time go? Look at all his dark hair, we just couldn’t believe it.


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