The Cards are Done

That’s right, peeps, we I finally finished the Christmas Cards. Well, actually I finished 68% of them earlier this week. The only problem? Matt sent them in the mail before I was ready. I kinda randomly went through my address book, sending out cards, but fully anticipating to send one to everybody. So it left me today asking, "Did I send one to (insert name here)," in which Matt replying, "I dunno. Did you?" Thanks babe, I appreciate the help.

So, some people might get two cards while some people might not get one at all. I can not be held responsible. Please pass on all blame towards Matt- as it was his fault. Group two probably won’t even get their cards until after Christmas. Blame the post office for that one. Think of it like an extra present arriving after the fun has been had.

Speaking of the post office? Well they finally decided to ship Bennett’s Christmas diapers present from Utah. Delivery conformation let me know they were ready for shipping on the 15th but weren’t processed until the 20th. All I’m saying is that they better get here by the 24th. You know he wanted diapers for Christmas, right?

Matt informed me that I sometimes leave words out of my blog. Can I help it that I type fast, talk fast, and always have 100,000,000 things to do? You know, really important things like:

Ambush Matt on the bed while he’s trying to sleep:


Or create super funny videos with Simon. Stupid computer won’t embed the video.

Or take really funny pictures of Matt in sweater vests:

Grandma and Grandpa Cale just left, Aunt Nikee and the boys are arriving tomorrow, and we are headed to Wichita on Wednesday. More cooking, cleaning, and laundry needs done. I’m busy, but I still find time to blog. I can’t remember what happened yesterday so it’s a good thing I write this stuff down, left out words and all.


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