Good gravy…

…it’s been a long time since I have posted. Sit tightly and be prepared for my long overdue Christmas recap.

Matt’s sister, brother-in-law, and 2 nephews came all the way from California to Lawrence. They spent the night here, eating too much food, drinking just enough, and all losing terribly to me in Rummy. The boys played like it was going out of style, enjoyed the little bit of snow we had, and wrestled.

I have no idea, but I’m guessing this is the extreme concentration it takes to play

We then all traveled to Wichita to Matt’s family for Christmas Eve and Christmas. 16 adults, 7 grandchildren, and 8 dogs made for a nice, quiet, holiday gathering. Santa (and all the family) was oh-so-good to my children and completely spoiled them rotten. Simon received a PS2, 2 games, Zoob’s (a cool building toy), gloves, puzzles, clothes, Hulk punching gloves, Battleship, and candy. Bennett received a set of blocks, a wooden push toy, 3 Goodmama diapers, 2 Bumgenius, a guitar, books, clothes, a wooden stacking toy, new Babylegs, and a ball. Actually, Bennett received 7 balls (a green bouncy ball, a blue easy to catch ball, a football, a monster ball, a glow in the dark ball, a nerf ball, and a soccer ball) by the time the whole holiday was over.  I told you my kids were spoiled.

Bennett attacking the pile of Christmas presents.
Loving this and loving them.


After all the fun, Matt kindly (and without complaint) drove us to Great Bend. We continued the madness and opened more presents. A DVD player, sunglasses, new pajamas, more diapers, a CD player, Wall-e, legos, and more money awaited under Grandma’s tree.

 Getting really good at this present opening thing.

On Sunday, my Mom and I loaded into the car and traveled to Colorado. We spent the week caring for my twin nephews (Roan and Rowdy) and helping my sister prepare for her next set of twins. She’s thinking about naming them Rhet and Reed. Although if JB gets his way- Wailen and Joe Dale. Joe Dale has to be said with just the right amount of southern hick. Don’t worry, he won’t win this war. Anyways, the boys wrestled, went swimming, and had a spectacular time playing. Us women spent the time shopping, painting, and cooking. Matt was unable to come and stayed in Lawrence and worked.

Apparently nobody was ready except Simon and Roan. Random kids? Friends of my sister.

Simon, Bennett, and I returned tonight to another Christmas present and the best surprise ever! Matt painted the wall in the dining room and Bennett’s room. Seriously, people- he rocks. The dining room is Cranberry Vodka (wait, that’s my favorite drink), cranberry something. And Bennett’s room is Celery Stick (light green). He also bought a can of Little Pond (blue) to paint Simon’s room. He hung curtains while I was gone as well. Lucky me, or maybe he is the one who’s going to get lucky tonight. Did I just write that?

I did not just sneak into Bennett’s room to snap this picture. He’s not sound asleep in his crib.

It was an awesome Christmas! Other than a sinus infection, Bennett not sleeping through a single night, and late bedtimes we had a great time. We are so incredibly blessed and fortunate. We are looking forward to another great year, paying off the rest of our debt, and growing together. I’m always sad to see the end of another year, especially because it means my babies are getting older. But with two more babies coming, kindergarten in the fall, potty-training, and tons of other activities, I’m hoping not to notice the time going by.


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