High-ho, high-ho

It’s off to work I go. Tomorrow begins with my return to St. Joseph. I’m anxious and nervous about leaving my kids all stinkin day. I only worked mornings last year, hardly worked at all this year and now I am going back to work -all day- on Monday, Tuesday, and every other Wednesday. I know I can do it. I know my kids will be fine. But I really hate it.

Debt free, debt free, debt free. We will be debt free very soon. By me working part-time, we will have the van completely paid off this summer. We will only have 1 credit card payment to make and can finish our debt snowball.

The kids are going to Cari’s tomorrow and will be with Matt on Tuesday and Wednesday. I’ve packed lunch boxes, diaper bags, and written out instructions. Could I be any more paranoid prepared?

Wish me luck. I have to go to bed now, as my alarm is set for 6:15.


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