No Sh*t

I’ve had some questions about how to wash cloth diapers. The magic is found in figuring out what works for you. We all have routines when washing our clothes and this is the routine for my diapers. Some would not agree with my style, but oh well! 

*A washer is made to wash things. It should do 90% of the work.

The dirty pile.


*I spray and/or dump poo. I don’t touch it.

Why, yes that is a poo filled diaper.

*I always do a pre-wash on COLD. Cold water removes the pee/poo.

*Skip the fancy, expensive detergents. We use Tide. I want my diapers to smell clean, look clean, and be stain free.

Oh, how I love thee.

*Wash on HOT, with Tide (almost to the 1 line).

*Do a 2nd wash on HOT, with Tide (almost to the 1 line). I might throw in extra baby clothes, towels, or socks and add some more water.

2nd wash, more Tide.

*Remove extra clothes, wipes, and or towels. Do a final rinse to remove any extra soap. I don’t EVER, EVER check to see how many bubbles I’ve got going on. I just don’t care. Some cloth diaper-ers out there might flip about the previous two bullets. Again, I just don’t care.

*Throw wipes and inserts into the dryer. I have a clothes line in my laundry room, so I hang the pockets. In the spring/summer everything goes outside. The Sun will do magic on stains. Ahh, how I miss the powerful, stain fighting Sun.

Into the dryer, with some balls.

Pockets on the line.

No sh*t!

Other important things to note:
*Stain sticks are a no-no. Stain sticks will build up on the fibers of your diapers and defeat the purpose of absorbing moisture.

*No dryer sheets either.

*I’ve never stripped, boiled, or used my dishwasher to clean my diapers. Give me a break people.

*I wash everything together (prefolds, pockets, and fitteds). I have other things to do besides laundry.

*This is what works for me. I generally do not have stains (unless Matt leaves a poo-ed in diaper and I find it 3 days later.)

*If I’m not happy with my diapers, I’ll wash them again. The washer is made to WASH things. 

Ready to go!
7 Fitted Goodmama’s
4 pockets: OBB and FB
2 night times: BG 3.0
Old Navy Fleece Jammies
Cloth wipes


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