This, that

I posted this entry the other day, but just made it public today. I know everyone is just dying to see pictures of Bennett’s poo. I know that everyone agrees with me on how wonderful cloth diapers are. That cloth butts are going to save the Earth.

Seriously, though, I know what you are thinking: "Doesn’t she have anything better to talk about then crap?"

Apparently not. Unless you want to talk about that big kid right there:

That big kid that threw up twice last night without having a panic attack. Without any tears, anxiety, or fear. I’m telling you this, that kid has grown so much in the last year. That kid that refused to eat out, refused to eat snack at school, and constantly worried about throwing up is growing up. 


Alright, enough bodily fluid talk for tonight.

I’m also sure that we don’t need to talk about this man either? Right?

Unfortunately I had to work on Tuesday and I was only able to watch parts of the inauguration live. Thank goodness for DVR.

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