You know the saying: "Ever feel like you’ve been run over by a truck?" Well, that would describe Matt today. He’s moving pretty slowly but thankful that everything is okay. He went into work (against my wishes) but only for a few hours. I laugh every time Simon calls him "Grandpa."

It’s hard to see, but his whole calf and leg are pretty swollen.

Simon’s card for Matt.

The inside.

Close-up of Matt underneath the car.

To add to the already long enough story:
I have to be honest and admit that I specifically told Matt to take the kids with him in the car.

My exact words were: "I don’t want them standing in the driveway as you pull up." I have always been afraid that the kids would run out in front of the car. You know, like Steven Curtis Chapman‘s daughter? I should have made them come into the garage with me.


Matt’s reply?
"What? You think I would run them over?"

Actually, no honey. No, I didn’t think you would run them over or YOURSELF for that matter but just in case- I wanted them out of the way. I never imagined what happened next. The whole thing lasted about 3 seconds but felt like a lifetime. The image will forever be burned in my mind. I can’t tell you the number of times my Dad let me sit on his lap as he drove. Also, everyone knows I am a carseat freak and this just adds even more anxiety to the list.

Simon also wants me to add that he could see a car coming down the street. I have no idea how far away the car was or what they saw. I do know that nobody got out to help. Have I mentioned how thankful I am today?


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