Alive, just barely

The flu has officially kicked my butt. I have had a temperature around 101,  lots of coughing, a runny nose, zero appetite, and I’ve been sleeping non-stop.

And cause every cloud has a silver lining, I’ve lost 4 lbs.

I’m feeling better though. I managed to take a bath and blow dry my hair. Those who know me, know this is a big deal. The kids have runny noses and I am praying that they don’t get sick too. Matt has done 99% of kid duty.

And cause I’m not one to overshare, I have a sore on my boob. Nursing has been super painful and I’m wondering if this is the end of our nursing relationship.  We’ve almost made it to my goal of  no-less-than-18 months (4 more days) and I am super proud of that fact. We made it through teething, through moving, and through me working part-time. I dunno- if we stop I know I’ll be sad. I don’t want Bennett to grow up. I also know that I am stronger than 1 sore nip. I can push through the pain.

The benefits of nursing continue until the age of 2 and beyond, in case you don’t believe me.


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