Just a little thing

You know that little sore I mentioned? The one that I can push through? The one little sore that is not going to prevent me from giving up nursing my 18th month old? Well, it turns out I have a BACTERIAL INFECTION on my nipple.

Go ahead and consider me the "queen of TMI."

A nice little sore that is cracked, oozing, red, and swollen. A nice little sore that causes me to yelp in pain whenever anything touches my chest. I’m hoping that a round of antibiotics plus a cream will do the trick. If I make it to the Merc, I’ll also add in some probiotics.

Until then, I’m officially calling my own nursing strike. We made it through night #1 without milk straight from the tap. Luckily I have about 5 bags in the freezer.

And you all know my policy, a great blog post isn’t quality without a supporting picture.

And no, I’m not going to show you my nipple.

Sweet baby, last January. 6 months old and still learning to sit up.


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