We are officially on stand-by status, just waiting patiently for our newest babies to be born!!! My sister was admitted this weekend due to bleeding and contractions. Everything with the babies appears to be okay, except that it’s pretty early. Susannah will be 34 weeks on Wednesday.

6 weeks premature, approximately 4 lbs each.

It really works better in my schedule if she could "wait" until Wednesday. The plan is to drive to Great Bend on Tuesday, drive to Colorado on Wednesday and stay until Sunday. I don’t have school next Monday so, like I said, it works better for me if the boys are born this week. Cause it’s all about me. Don’ tcha know?

Unless of course she makes it closer to Spring Break in March. I’d happily wait to make the trek then of course. And speaking of spring, could the weather have been any nicer this weekend? Matt cleaned the cars but didn’t manage to run himself over, thankyouverymuch.

Bennett is screaming in his crib at the moment. He was a bear this afternoon thanks to a super short nap. Anybody want a cute 18 month old? I’d practically give him away for the right price.

Simon and Matt both had temperatures this weekend. I’m crossing my fingers praying, bargaining with the Witch doctor, mixing up special herbs– and hoping that Bennett does NOT get it as well. He’s been terrible lately and I am afraid it’s due to his lack of nursing. I do not want to deal with a sickness without our old stand-by: the boob.


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