Spring, friends, OCD?

Where the crap are you, spring? I might send all my kids off to OctoMom if you don’t come my way soon. Seriously. We have dealt with Influenza A and now we are just finishing up the GI flu. I swear if Bennett threw up or shit anymore on me, I was going to ship him off. Poor baby was very sick, but now he seems to be getting a smidge better. He’s keeping food down and for the first time in 3 days, I didn’t have to change his crib sheets or mine. The nurse at the Doctor’s office told me not to nurse, good thing I didn’t listen.


In other news, would you look at this sweet baby face? My dear friend FINALLY has her new baby boy from Ethopia. We trucked our butts up to the airport (sick kid and all) so that we could welcome them home. I have thought about and dreamed about this day with Michele for 4 years. Thank you sweet Jesus.


I really need to go eat lunch, but I was thinking about something the nurse said to my sister during her discharge from the hospital. The nurse mentioned that a new proponent of post-partum depression includes obsessive compulsive behaviors and irrational thoughts. She told my sister to watch for signs and for blah, blah, blah.

Um, hello? Could that be me?

I have alway been slightly OCD, I know that. But it really seems to have gone to another level once Bennett was born. I can not and will not go to bed until every. single. item. is. put. away. Toys have to be in the correct baskets, coats hung up, newspapers in the recycle bin, etc. Drives Matt crazy. Diapers can not have stains. Email has to be checked.

I also have this irrational thought that I am going to walk away and leave Bennett in the grocery store. In my head, we are finished shopping, I unload our groceries into the car and then I get in the a car, drive away, and poor Bennett is left sitting in the cart in the parking lot.

So, what about you? Did you feel a certain level of OCD come on once your baby was born? Anybody else relate to this?


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