Shout out!

The following is all entirely true- directly cut and paste- from an email I received today. My friend said:

“Ok, well, I’m going to go and pass out on the couch – Oh, and I thought u’d think it was funny that since my husband used the last of the TP in the main floor bathroom and didn’t replace it – I went to the basement and brought up 1 roll and hid it in the bathroom – so he’ll have to go downstairs to get himself some. I’ve got him in training right now. I could either yell at him for not getting more after using the last – OR – I can leave him “stranded” and he’ll learn his lesson that way! Don’t u think that I’m the best at this!? OH, and also – I used all but just a little bit on purpose this morning b/4 leaving town – to test him to see if he’d get more or just leave the roll empty! Boy – I’m tricky huh?!”

I seriously have some of the best friends ever, mostly because of how they make me laugh. I Love You K!


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