Idol, jammies, disappointments

Does anybody else think Adam Lambert is wearing eye liner? He’s my current favorite pick. I think Simon and Ben both like Eyeliner boy too. Good gravy, they must get their good taste from their mother.


And speaking of good taste, did you know that this Mama knows how to pick out cute jammies too? Matt and I went on a date the other day while Amy babysat. And no good date is complete without a stop at Old Navy, sans kids.

Back to our date. After dinner and some shopping, Matt and I decided to go grab a drink. Back all those years ago when I was in college and before I got knocked up, my room-mate Jen and I loved to go to The Sandbar. The Sandbar is famous for being Home of the Indoor Hurricane. Unfortunately I was never able to experience the wind, dancing mermaids, weather forecasts, and lightening. Until last Saturday.

I never knew what I was missing.

Until Saturday.

Or not.

During my college days, all we heard about was how fun Hurricanes can be. We would wait outside in a freezing line (wearing minimal clothing) only to be too late. Anyways, I was so sad after witnessing my first ever Hurricane. Maybe it’s that I wasn’t drunk enough (or at all). Maybe it’s that I’m too old at my ripe old age of 25. Oh well, I still got to enjoy one of my favorite drinks. And I was alone with Matt. And my kids were at home, asleep already. 

Life is still good.


I’m thinking about, contemplating, and pondering the idea of potty training this kid.

Nah. Seriously. What would I blog about if I did? Eye liner boy? Disappointments in visiting college bars? 


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