I’ve seen the future and Grandma is NOT going to be happy

This is what happens when Aunt Liza sends a book of five hundred tattoos. Seriously. Simon says that he can’t wait until he can get a real tattoo. I can.

And truthfully, Grandma would never, ever approve of a real life tattoo, but she has been known to buy a few fake one’s in her day. The best ever is when she begs Grandpa for change when eating out because she knows how much Simon loves them.


I’m exhausted tonight. I was feeling a spring clean urge (even though we have about 2 inches worth of snow) and worked way too hard today.

What did I do today?
Bathed the dog.
Scrubbed the bathroom.
Washed ALL of the laundry.
Changed B’s diapers.
Washed the windows.
Put away the Valentine’s/Winter decorations.
Scrubbed spots on the couch and dining room cushions.
Planned the meals.
Went to Target.
Bathed the kids.
Read books at naptime and bedtime.
Played trains.
Put on tattoos.
Fed children dinner.
Cleaned the kitchen.
Packed up toys/lunch for work tomorrow.

Did I mention that Matt was working most of today? It is his weekend on. The good news is that he’ll have Tuesday night off and it’s my short week. How many more days until Spring break?


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