Home, spring break, the end

We made it home this afternoon. It was a long and tear filled day. Listening to my cousin (JP) talk about his mother was more than I could handle. I know Shelley would be so very proud of JP.

I have pictures to upload, but I’m too lazy tired at the moment.

Working tomorrow and Wednesday and then SPRING BREAK! Mom and I are headed to Colorado to see those beautiful nephews of mine. I’m not looking forward to another 10 hour drive though. I’m thinking I might have to break out the DVD player for this trip. It will be the 3rd trip this year and it’s exhausting to be constantly entertaining the boys.

When I say "break out the DVD player," I really mean "borrow one from a friend cause I’m too cheap to actually purchase one."

The boys are supposed to be sleeping- damn time change messed us all up. I just heard Bennett babble in his crib and I was pretty darn sure that he was asleep an hour ago. Speaking of babble, he FINALLY began saying Daddy this past week. He also learned the sign for ‘thank you’ and can sorta, kinda say it too. Anyways, back to the time change, Simon is wide awake and listening to an Alvin and the Chipmunks Christmas CD. Awesome.

Bennett has not nursed and I think we might be are done. Thinking about it makes me want to cry and get all emotional. Another developmental milestone has been reached and I hate the thought of my babies growing up.


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