Spring Break ’09

Spring break ’09 has officially begun! I’m officially done wiping other kids’ bottoms, saying "listen" 100x a day, and other demanding tasks that come when dealing with deaf 3 year-olds.  I have 12 uninterupted days to spend with my OWN children. The good news is that 50% of my kids can wipe their own butts. The other 50%? I actually enjoy wiping that butt. 

Cause it’s so flippin cute

Unless, of course, said butt is acting like a pain in the butt. He’s been pretty good the past couple of days though and did great in Great Bend. So who knows, maybe we are over the lack of breastfeeding.

Maybe one of these days, I will stop talking about my boobs and breastfeeding.

But not today. I’m not over it yet.

Matt’s birthday is this weekend so watch for exciting updates to come. Cakes to be made and presents to be bought. I’m off to bed right now though. I don’t know why I feel the need to stay up so late, Simon is going be be begging to play playstation and Bennett is going to be screaming that he’s hungry in a few short hours.

I know, such an exciting way to kick off Spring Break ’09


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