Random bits

*Life really isn’t that bad without a TV. Simon is sleeping in until 9:00, our house is quiet, and the boys have spent more time playing.

*I feel scared that every time I check this blog, Stellan is going to have died. Please Jesus do not let him die.

*Worrying about Stellan makes me feel selfish for missing my TV.

*Matt brought home donuts this morning. Our day started off so much better because of his thoughtfulness.

*I took the boys to ‘Books and Babies’ at the Library today. They had a blast until Bennett tried to blow bubbles and got some in his mouth. His gag reflex kicked in and I was afraid he was going to throw up. We quickly ran out the door to the drinking fountain. Heaven forbid I actually bring a sippy cup along. I refuse to be that kind of Mom: I don’t bring sippy cups of milk with us anywhere.

(Okay I lied. We used to bring milk everywhere with us VIA my boobs. Oops did it again. I’m still not over it people. Maybe I should think about bringing a sippy cup out with us in public now. You all know that I used to nurse in public, right? Seriously, don’t get me started on this. Do you LIKE to eat in bathrooms or with blankets over your head? I doubt it.) Sigh.

*Simon told me today that he wants to be a wrestler, football player, and then a mechanic. He also wants to be a Daddy, but only if gets to marry Carley. I said fine as long as he goes to college first.

*I love this song and video. (WARNING- homebirth/tookie shots) Anyways, it makes me love my babies even more and wish for more. I didn’t have a midwife or homebirth with either of my boys but I might for the next one. (The problem being that I’ve gotten more and more crunchy as I go along, except that I had perfect hospital births without any complications. I’d hate to ruin my good streak.)

*I don’t know why I start blog posts so late at night. It’s so hard to drag my butt out of bed in the morning.

*Anybody else notice that I’ve been talking a lot about babies? I’m not pregnant but I can’t stop thinking, talking, and blogging about it.


*I love this kid and his excitement for life. This is what he did at preschool today and he was SO EXCITED, SO EXCITED to tell me all about it. I don’t want to send him to kindergarten. He loves his art school and so do I.

*Bennett wore his woolies today and I love them as well. He giggled and kept rubbing his legs out of pure happiness. (Please excuse his snotty nose and watery eyes. Spring allergies anyone?) He loves his blankies too. Although we don’t take those out in public either.

 *I’m tired and off to bed. Night ya’ll.


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