Problem solved

We made it one week without a TV and then we I couldn’t handle it anymore. All the boys were doing just fine but I missed my TV. Seriously, what else am I supposed to do at night when the kids go to bed. Read a book? Clean?  Stalk other blogs? (wait, I already do that) Cook?

Um, no thank you.

I only had about five hours worth of TV watching scheduled in my DVR. And HELLO, the KU basketball game is on tonight so we I had to find a way.

Anyways, cause I’m sure everyone is dying to know, here’s the breakdown of how we could afford to pay cash for our new TV:

$135- cashed in a 20 year old bond given to me from my Granny
$50- Matt’s birthday money
$85- left over cash from my trip to Colorado
$60- Matt’s newspaper paycheck, usually goes towards debt
$150- Part of my Christmas money. I still want a camera and I’ve been saving up.

Total: $472.87

Supposedly, we got a good deal. The TV was on sale for $100 off and we took the one off the shelf. By taking the shelf model, we saved another %10. We also received a $10 gift card for bringing in our old, broken TV.

I’m just glad to have her back! I’d hate to have to spend my time spare time cooking.


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