The kid and money

We have a simple policy in our family when dealing with money, chores, and children. While I like to think we are smart enough to have figured this out on our own, we really borrowed these ideas from Dave Ramsey.

IF you work, THEN you get paid.

But first, understand that working is not doing chores. Chores are things that everyone does to help our family. If you are apart of our family, you will do chores. Simon’s chores include cleaning his own room, making his bed, and putting away his breakfast/lunch/dinner dishes. He does these things every day (except his bed, some days I make it because I get tired of looking at wrinkles).

Sue me.

Wait don’t do that; we’re already being sued. For a traffic accident. 2 years ago. I’m not bitter. I’m not talking about it anymore. 

IF you work, THEN you get paid.

Working is defined as anything that goes above and beyond chores. Simon then gets PAID to WORK. Simon doesn’t feel like working? Then he doesn’t get paid. Pretty simple.

Some examples of things that Simon has done recently to get paid: cleaning out the van, washing windows, vacuuming the floor, rolling newspapers and (my personal favorite) scooping up dog poo. As he gets older, a shift in chores/working will change. He’ll have more chores/responsibility and will have to work more to get paid.

But for now?

A huge pile of fresh dollar bills over the course of many weeks:

Equals a happy child who is understanding the concept:

IF you work, THEN you get paid.

And if you get paid, you can buy WHATEVER you want.

Now, If only I got paid for working around here.

If you are interested in reading more ideas about kids and money, then head over to It’s Almost Naptime!!

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