Tomorrow is a big day. A really big day that I am not ready for. A day that I have dreaded for five+ years. A day that I would just as soon never have to happen.

Kindergarten Round-up.


Yes, tomorrow we head to the big, scary, overwhelming public school kindergarten round up. I can’t even really explain my apprehension, other than I hope and pray that my beautiful, sassy child is not ruined, ridiculed, or made to hate school. The thought of sending him out, all on his own makes my stomach hurt.

And for the record, Simon could have gone to kindergarten last year. However, I’m a teacher and I know better than to push a late summer birthday boy into school. I’d much rather he have an extra year of childhood vs. an extra year of adulthood. AND I’ve never, ever heard of anybody regretting the decision to keep their kid home whereas we heard lots of stories where people regretted sending.

Simon sure did enjoy his extra year at home by watching TV and annoying me.



Anyways, I filled out paperwork today about Si. When asked, what is my child was good at? I couldn’t help but answer "building with legos, being creative, long division, and telling stories." I mean seriously, what is YOUR five year old good at?

To the question, what do you hope your child will learn? I answered that I hoped he would learn that school is fun and that it would be cool if he could learn to read too. I would also fricken love it if somebody could teach the kid to tie his shoes.

(I left out the word fricken.)

And when asked how is your child around other children? I answered that, "he is usually the leader."

I drew a blank on the question, something you should know about my child is ??? I thought about answering that his Mom is a genius but then I realized it’s supposed to be about him and not me. So instead I answered that,  "He’s a rockstar. And that he’s pretty smart and social."

It’s almost like he’s a spitten imagine of his mother though. Smart, beautiful, funny.

And in the additional comments section, I asked that the school "please do not ruin my baby. Kindergarten scares me."


I’d just as soon look at my baby’s beautiful pictures then think about tomorrow.

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