The big K

We survived Kindergarten round-up. It was scary, particularly when the Principal discussed the lunch room chaos.

Three K teachers, one is pregnant and going on maternity leave. I’d prefer to not have that one. We got a tour of the school, filled out tons more paperwork and visited with the school nurse. The nurse gave me very little grief over Simon’s lack of certain vaccinations.

Cause you know what, people dear readers? It’s a MYTH that children are REQUIRED to be vaccinated before they can enter school. Nobody can MAKE you do anything. And "they" certainly aren’t going to SCARE me either. And it’s a PUBLIC school and we have every right to be there too.

Ahem. Sorry, let me get off my high horse now.

I’m also working on a list. It’s going to be titled:

Things I DO NOT want Simon to learn in Kindergarten.

1.) How to stand up and pee
2.) The power of farting at the lunch table

I’m still working on it. Let me get back to you.

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