It’s not easy being Green

In honor of Earth Day, the boys and I spent almost the entire day outside. Library story-time followed by the park with a picnic lunch. Afterwards, Simon ventured off to school while Bennett napped. After his nap and my scheduled DVR/computer fix, we spent the rest of the afternoon riding bikes, throwing playdough around, and causing a ruckas on the front sidewalk.

Ahh, thank you Spring for finally deciding to show up.



And that cute puppet you see in Simon’s hand? Given to me so graciously by Profoundly Seth and hand sewn by Loving Mom 2 Boys who is working on her very own Etsy store.


And in other Earth Day news, I thought about posting all the ways I am so hip and green in my attempts to save the Earth. I am a liberal, tree hugging, non-vaxing, breastfeeding, extended rearfacing, recycling, line-drying and cloth diapering Mama but you guys already knew that. Right? 

But then my good friend, Chelse, decided to post all about it me instead. Hop on over if you want to read how cool I am the details. It’s really just my attempt to do the absolute best for my children. I only have their best interest in heart, while trying to save my little corner of the Earth.

Happy Earth Day to you.

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