Not Me Monday!

Oh yeah, it’s back: the weekly blog carnival in which I simply tell it like it is. No sugar coating, no rainbows and kittens, just the cold hard facts of things that I did not do. Things that did not happen in my house. And especially things that MY boys would never do.

If you wanna play, head on over to MckMama’s House to read the rules. And good gravy this carnival has gotten popular. I just hopped on over to the site to see that 759 people have already participated today. I am not proud to admit that I started playing along back in October.


I have not become obsessed with studying the daily stats on my blog. Did you know that I average 40 people a day reading my words? My highest day being 101 hits? What’s that? Your blog gets 157,000 hits a day? You don’t care about my wimpy 40 per day? Oh, not me either. I don’t care one bit.

I am not totally disappointed in myself for not entering the Goodmama photo contest this week. I did not have the exact same idea as the winner. Unfortunately I ran out of time, so I did not enter. But don’t worry, I’m not bitter.

I did not convince Matt that setting up the trampoline was a good idea by simply going through the middle man. You see, it’s not against our lease agreement to have a trampoline. It’s not a $100 fine if we get caught. So I did not send out my adorable five year old to kindly ask the lawn mower man if he minded.

And I am not completely over the moon excited to tell Simon to GO OUTSIDE and jump now. I am not pleased as punch for getting my way. It’s safe to say that generally rules do not apply to me. Besides, it is easier to ask forgiveness instead of permission. No?

Lastly, my cute pregnant BFF and I did not enjoy a super cheap family night of bowling. I did not stick a bowling ball up my shirt and pretend to be pregnant. Pregnancy was horrible for me and I’m not wishing I was. Nope, not me!



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