Not Me Monday!

Bowchickawowwow. It’s Monday and you know the only good thing about Mondays, right? Yeah, that’s what I thought. I promise that none of the things I’m about to share with you happened. I wouldn’t dare to even admit the truth to my husband, let alone the entire Internet.

If you wanna play hop skip jump click on over to MckMama’s house and have a looksie. The rules and whatnot are listed. So go check it out. It’s fun. I promise. 


I did not totally declare to Matt that Sunday begins, "The Very Special and Awesome Week of the Mama." You see, I am not spoiled in the fact that MOTHER’S DAY and MY BIRTHDAY fall in the same week. Spoiled? Me? No way. It’s not my birthday week. So let’s not bring on the party.

The whole "Week of the Mama," did not start on Sunday by me kicking Matt and saying "It’s Mother’s Day. Get Ben." I did not then promptly roll back over and I most certainly did not go back to sleep. The whole "Week of the Mama," did not continue into today by wearing a Princess Crown to work today. I am way more mature than that. I am not wearing said Princess crown again tomorrow. Nope. Too mature for that.

I am not looking forward to my special birthday/date night with Matty, sans kids on Friday either. I am not planning on purchasing a swimsuit on our date. I don’t get excited every year in May because POOL SEASON IS ALMOST HERE. I am not crazy about tanning, swimming, or being outside during the summer either.

And speaking of swimsuits, I most certainly was not caught by Matt sunbathing on our trampoline this week. You know, the illegal trampoline that we are not supposed to have up. And besides, I told you already: I am too mature for something like that. Being caught outside, in my swimsuit, on a trampoline. Nope, not me.

In other non-birthday related news, I am not currently waging a war against ants in my kitchen. I do not have four ant traps in various places. Matt did not spend 20 mintutes spraying down the kitchen with ant killer. First of all, I am a "Live and Let Live" kind of person. I (honestly) do not like to kill things. Secondly, because I am not so green and Mother-Earthly, I would never believe in using chemicals and poison in my house to kill God’s special creatures. But ants in my kitchen? Don’t bring on the toxins!

And because a blog post is not worthy without a picture and because I am not obsessed with cloth diapering, I am not compelled to show off Bennett’s cute butt and his new to me diaper. Now, if only the Birthday Fairy queen would send me money so I can purchase my dream camera already. I promise to not be happy.

Last one, I promise! Matt and I are not currently betting on when Simon loses his first tooth. Simon’s tooth is not completly loose and ready to fall out. I am not heartbroken over this. I do not believe that the ugly stage is almost upon poor Simon. I have the cutest kids ever. They will never be ugly.


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