Today marks my 26th year of life. That’s about 312 months. In all, I’ve been kicking it for 4,380 days.

In the past 4,380 days, I have…

Married one hot husband:

(What? You don’t think sweater vests are attractive?)

Done Seven shots in one night of binge drinking

Pooped out two incredible children:

Gotten up thirteen different times from the computer since I started this post.

Lived in three different cities: Great Bend, Olathe, and Lawrence.

Been to fourteen states.

And I have been to zero other counties.

(Man I need to get out more.)

I have…

Gotten knocked up pregnant at nineteen.

Spent the past five (almost 6) years being married to Mr. Incredible:

Attended six schools.
Become obsessed with all things related to attachment parenting.

Had four real life, know everything about me, best friends: Carla Morrison, Jackie Dunn, Jana Sauder and Jennifer Stanley.

Become a mother at the young age of twenty:

Been blessed with twenty-one pets that I can still name.
Had five different jobs: babysitter, dog walker/poop scooper, lifeguard, autism play therapist, and teacher.

Spent twenty-eight months breastfeeding my two children.

Been in one tornado

Had four cars and one minivan that I swore I’d never have once I was old.

I have….

Had the best twenty-six years ever and only hope to have another forty-nine more.

Or 17,880 days. You know, which ever.


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