Not Me Monday!

It’s Monday! Or almost Tuesday cause I’m a little late on the post. But who really cares? Not me! Let’s just take a little time and let me get some stuff off my chest. If you want to play, click yourself over to MckMama’s and play along. I won’t judge you for joining the fun.

Let’s see. How about these guys? Remember them? Well they are not three months old now. I am not over the moon excited about their cuteness. I do not think that my family makes the. cutest. babies. ever. I do not think that every other baby is ugly compared to my beautiful children and my beautiful nephews. Nope, not me!

The boys and I did not sit outside in the garage and watch a thunderstorm this week. The thunderstorm was not capable of producing a tornado. I have not lived in Kansas long enough my entire life and I am no longer scared of tornados. A little blowing, thunder, lightening, and hail does not scare us. We most certainly did not let Bennett eat the hail as it came crashing into our garage. Besides, we were in our protected, tornado-safe area bathroom with our heads neatly tucked on our knees not watching the storm, remember? 

The night of the tornado threat, was not also the night of my birthday. Matt and I did not leave our children with the babysitter despite the warnings. We did not enjoy an awesome dinner, lovely walk down Mass Street, and we most certainly did not go shopping for a swimsuit. Nope, not me!

I did not have the best birthday week ever. I did not buy a super cute swimsuit. We did not spend way to much time and money landscaping our home this week either. We don’t even own our home, so I would never insist on spending my birthday money on flowers. We are poor and a little white-trash.

See what I mean?

‘Cause there is no way that naked, dirty, gross kid is mine.

Lastly, I don’t love my hooky, funky, liberal little town. We did not spend the entire Saturday wandering the Farmer’s Market, eating a super brunch, or catching this weird parade. Nope, not in Lawrence would you ever see a lady stuck inside a fish riding a moped, a car made out of old tires, or a super spaceship floating on the street. Here in the midwest, we don’t know how to have any kind of fun.


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