A Day in the Life, sans pictures

ETA: Jana is so right. This entry should be called "An Ode to Twitter." I’m sorry, but I refuse to twitter. I really don’t care what you are eating for dinner, the fabulous shoe you just found, or any other random daily bits of information sent to my cell phone. I mean, I love to read blogs but I don’t want daily updates on my phone.


The ideas behind my blog are for my boys. Really, making readers laugh is just an added bonus. So in a moment of weakness, twitter style, I typed out a typical day for us.


6:12 am- Matt’s off to work. I glance at the clock, roll over, and snuggle back down.

8:40- I wake up again and look at the clock. Is it really almost 9:00? Amen, thank you Jesus.

8:55- sneak out of bed and check my email. Listen as Bennett goes from babbling quietly to full on "MAMA, MAMA, MAMA" from the crib.

9:00- get Bennett up. Pick up blankets, pacy, pillow, and lovies off the floor.

9:00- change 1st diaper. Go jump on Simon. Snuggle in bed for awhile.

9:15- head downstairs for breakfast.

9:15-10:30- fix breakfast (oatmeal). Turn on cartoons. Open blinds. Let dog out. Unload dishwasher. Fold clothes. Clean spot off carpet. Clean dead bug off floor. Spray out two poopy diapers. Take out recycling. Put breakfast away. Wash highchair tray. Check on plants outside.

10:30- head upstairs. Change another poopy diaper. Check email and read a few blogs. Put away clean clothes. Make beds. Play Gameboy with Simon. Get Ben dressed. Write Grandma a thank you card for my birthday present.

12:00- head downstairs. Make lunch (hotdogs, sweet potato, and watermelon). Go back upstairs for Simon’s shoes. Refresh email. Make grocery list. Grab grocery bags and throw them in the car. Wrap present for Si’s classmate and throw it in the car too. Endorse birthday check. Tie Simon’s shoes. Encourage him to eat faster. Clean up mess.

12:40- Simon to preschool. Forget to stop by bank. Hand Bennett a stream of toys to keep him awake on drive.

1:15- grocery shop at Target. Can’t find the right garlic bread. Put back frozen OJ, Pink Lemonade, and box of Spongebob macaroni so that I can keep it at $100. Final total: $100.47

2:15- home, unload, throw in a garlic chicken frozen pizza for my lunch. Change B’s diaper. Read to him. Put random toys away.

2:30- Bennett’s down for a nap. Check email. Get pizza out of stove.

2:40- eat my pizza, Dr. Pepper, and Cosmic brownie while watching the Bachelorette. Enjoy the peace and quiet without having to share my food or drink.

3:20- text and call Matt. Make sure he’s gonna pick up Simon from preschool. Get bored with extra long Bachelorette and sit down at computer. Finish reading blogs. Check Flicker account for new GM diapers. Check work email. Browse Facebook. Make list of shirts for American Apparel Coop. Refresh email, again.

4:00- Matt and Simon home. Get off computer. Kiss Matt. Talk in Kitchen. Sit outside in the sun awhile.

4:30- Matt leaves to deliver papers. As he shuts the door, Bennett wakes up from nap. Change another poopy diaper. Leave it on the floor for later.

4:40- head outside with super grouchy baby. Bring cheese and crackers and water. Tie Simon’s shoes. Sit on trampoline and watch neighbors play in cold swimming pool. Yell at Simon for leaving the hose on. Go to the front yard. Watch Simon ride his bike. Text Matt. Walk to get the mail. Talk to neighbors. Pet the cat. Let B climb in and out of my lap.

6:00- head inside. Put spaghetti on to boil. Husk corn. Preheat oven. Brown hamburger. Clean up my mess from lunch. Listen to Ben whine. Clean up spilled pop off floor. Let Simon turn on TV in hopes that Bennett will shut up be quiet.

6:15- Matt’s finally home. Park my butt on couch. Read paper. Let Matt finish dinner. Spray another diaper.

6:30- sit down for dinner as family. Talk. Laugh. Yell at Bennett for throwing ear of corn on the floor.

7:00- American Idol! Tell Matt I’ll help clean up on commercials. Don’t get up again until 9:00. Play gameboy with Simon. Build Legos with Simon. I can’t believe Kris won. Listen to Matt rub it in.

9:00- check email. Skip baths. Take Ben from Matt while he’s reading to him. He’s MY baby. Brush Ben’s teeth. Check the progress of Simon’s wiggly tooth. Prompt Simon to clean his room up. Rock Bennett for awhile. Throw shoes at Matt as he checks his email. Read to Simon. Chase Simon back into bed.

9:40- begin blog. Listen to Matt fold papers. Listen to TV.

10:34- wrap up blog post. Still need to jump in the bathtub myself. No plans for tomorrow. Unless you count checking my email, playing outside, and checking my email again.


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