F is for FUN

Memorial weekend is our fabulous kick-off for summer. I don’t know if I’ve failed to mention it before, but I HEART summer. It’s so much fun. Nothing makes me feel more free than staying home with my babies, not going to school and frequenting the pool every. single. day. I love to have a first-class tan. I feel so fashionable and I love to flip in the water. And my favorite part? I get to be home and still get paid. Summer lends itself well to my  fondness for sleeping in and frolicing at the library. And we can’t forget, how I love to hang my fresh laundry out to dry. I love summer. It’s fantastic.

So what better way to jump start the summer then with some…

Fun dip,
and a Few more Favors for my birthday?
A new chair in black and white toile fabric. It’s fancy and my new favorite spot to talk on the phone. (Noah, the cat, favors it too)  and it will look so flipping lovely with this beautiful bedroom set. And my fotographs finally finished and on the wall up the staircase. (Don’t mind the empty frames. I’m formulating a plan. Love you MTP.)

I told you, around here F is for FUN.


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